Trash & Recycling

Metro Waste Authority 

The larger the item, the more it costs to collect. Use this list to help you with common items. If you don't see your item or a similar one, call ASI to verify. Each extra bag of trash will need a sticker.

You can purchase stickers at Cappel's Ace Hardware at 120 Sunset Drive or at City Hall.


The City of Norwalk offers residents a Compost It! program through Metro Waste to help residents conveniently dispose of yard and garden waste from the curb. Yard Waste is picked up weekly during Compost It! season. Carts, bags, and sticker options can all be purchased at Norwalk City Hall. Yard waste cannot be disposed of in your regular garbage. For more information call 515.244.0021 or visit

  • Carts: A full cart holds the equivalent of three yard waste bags. If you purchase 65 bags or more per year you might benefit from a cart.
  • Bags: Purchase Compost It! Brand bags. The cost of the bag covers collection or if you have store band bags, add a green Compost It! sticker.
  • Compost It! Stickers:  For brush and small limb bundles, less than 4" in diameter and less than 18" long, purchase a green Compost It! sticker.

Hazardous Waste includes that are flammable or corrosive, and they do not belong in the regular trash and shouldn’t be poured down the drain. The city has partnered with Metro Waste Authority to offer houseside hazardous waste collection.

Many items accepted houseside can be dropped off for free at a hazardous waste collection site. If a resident chooses houseside collection of hazardous waste, the cost is $25 for two 12-gallon bins and one large bag. Container deliveries and pick-ups occur on the second and fourth Fridays of the month.

For more information or to request, visit MWA's Website or call 515.244.0021.