Community Gardens & Adopt-A-Garden

Community Gardens

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Have you always wanted a vegetable garden but did not have the space available for one? Community Gardens is the perfect solution!

We understand the importance of contributing to the health and wellbeing of our community and want to foster the community spending more time outdoors, interacting with neighbors, and the improvement of mental and physical health.

Community Garden Plots are now available through Norwalk Parks and Recreation! 

Cost: Plot rentals are $25.00 per plot per season.
Date: Plot responsibility for the season is from April 15 - November 15.
Location: Brownie Park, 805 Cherry Parkway

Questions? Contact us!
Dakota Springer, Parks Supervisor, 515.981.9206
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Experienced gardeners are invited to adopt a garden plot in one of Parks maintained by the City of Norwalk Parks and Recreation Department and care for it the entire growing season. Specific garden plots in the parks may be adopted by individuals, families, or groups. Size of the garden plots vary and are located throughout the park system.

After volunteers are assigned a garden plot, they will need to submit their plan to the Parks Supervisor for approval. Most plots have perennials and those will need to be maintained and will not be allowed to be removed but consideration can be made to replace them with other perennials. Cost of the plants is at the volunteer's expense or, with prior permission,  volunteers can bring plants from their own yards. The cost of the plants my be tax deductible. Copies of receipts can be turned in for a letter form the Norwalk Parks and Recreation Department for tax records.

We are attempting to make our garden plots as 'pollinator friendly' as possible and we encourage you to use plants that are pesticide free in the plots and planters.

All person interested in adopting a garden plot will be required to adhere to the Adopt-A-Garden Guidelines provided by the Park and Recreation Department.

Adopt-A-Garden Volunteer Information:
Staff Contact: Dakota Springer, Parks Supervisor
Project duration: May - October
Time commitment: Minimum of 1 hour per week

Volunteers are responsible for:

  • Planting the garden, weeding, watering, mulching and maintaining it throughout the growing season, including putting it to bed in the fall.
  • If needed, buy their own flowers and bring their own equipment to work on the garden.
  • Gardens will need to be kept clean, neat, and pleasing. The volunteer should plan on working on the garden at a minimum of 1 hour per week.
  • If the garden becomes unruly or aesthetically unpleasing, volunteers will be called and asked to fix the garden within one week. If this happens more than three times or if the volunteer fails to respond, the Park and Recreation Department will take over maintenance of the plot or it will be given to another interested party.
  • Recording and reporting, by email, volunteer hours to the Parks Supervisor monthly for Department record keeping.

Plots available:
Billy O. Phillips Park Garden Plot 1 - 2500 Lexington Drive 
Still Available
Billy O. Phillips Park Garden Plot 2 - 2500 Lexington Drive 
Still Available
300 Cherry Parkway Plot  -300
Cherry Parkway
No Longer Available
Plot 1 - 2500 Lexington Drive Plot 2 - 2500 Lexington Drive 300 Cherry Parkway - Copy
McAninch Sports Complex Plot 1
200 Wright Road
Still Available
McAninch Sports Complex Plot 2
200 Wright Road
Still Available
Windflower Park Plot -
1916 North Avenue
Still Available
Plot 1 - 200 Wright Road Plot 2 - 200 Wright Road Windflower Park Plot -1916 North Avenue
Elizabeth Holland Park Plot -
1916 North Avenue
Still Available
City Park Plot 1 -
907 North Avenue
Still Available
City Park Plot 2 -
907 North Avenue
Still Available
Elizabeth Holland Park Plot -1916 North Avenue Plot 1 -907 North Avenue Plot 2 -907 North Avenue