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Basketball courts

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The City State Bank Fieldhouse is a 41,000 square foot public recreation facility at Norwalk Central that features four multipurpose courts with multipurpose seamless vinyl flooring.


  • Chairs for teams/events
  • Concession stand
  • Diligent Development Lounge with seating, foosball, and ping pong table
  • Drop-down dividers between courts
  • Four multipurpose courts with multipurpose seamless vinyl flooring (permanent basketball, volleyball, and pickleball lines per court)
  • Outdoor patio with seating
  • Pickleball equipment available
  • Portable bleachers
  • Public Restrooms
  • Score clocks
  • Six basketball hoops per court, total of twenty-four basketball hoops in the facility
  • Tables for teams/events
  • Two lane indoor walking/running track around the outside of the four courts
  • Volleyball equipment available
Rental Rates: TBD

Birthday Party Rental: TBD

Court Details:

Court Type Court Dimensions Court Line Color Other Details
Basketball  50' x 84' Black  Backboard - Rectangular, 72" w x 42" h
Goal Height  - Adjustable from 8 to 10 feet 
Volleyball 59' x 29'6 Grey  
Pickelball 44' x 20' White  

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For rental information, contact us:
 Practice and scrimmage rental - parksandrec@norwalk.iowa.gov
 League Play and Tournament rental - parksandrec@norwalk.iowa.gov

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