Nuisance Issue

overgrown yard_thumb1ac6Norwalk is a great place to live and we all value our property. From time to time though, some common issues arise that violate city code. According to Norwalk City Code, a vehicle must be parked on a hard surface and cannot be parked in a person's yard. Another common nuisance complaint is grass that is too long. The maximum allowed grass height is 8 inches. Excessive garbage, debris and other waste is also not allowed under our nuisance code. The city also requires that dead or diseased trees be removed as a public safety concern.

Questions or comments about the nuisance code? Please contact or call 981-9530.

Have a property you would like investigated? Please fill out our nuisance form. Include your email, a detailed description of the issue, and the address or location of the violation.

car in yard1cb4If you have an immediate health or life safety concern, please contact City Hall directly by calling (515) 981-0228 or by dialing 911.

The data you supply for this complaint will be used for substantiating the complaint, purposes of investigation and if necessary to pursue legal action. The information you provide is voluntary and you are not required to provide any information. The information you provide may be subject to open records requests. The purpose for collecting this information will enable us to contact you when additional information is required. During investigation and legal action, data related to the case may be shared with other City employees or other agencies so that the complaint may be corrected, abated or other legal action may be taken. The City may not be able to adequately investigate the complaint without complete and accurate information.