Chicken Application


Please download and fill out the following form and bring to City Hall.

Chicken License

Requirements for Urban Chicken Licensing for the City of Norwalk (Ordinance 16.08)

  • No more than four (4) chickens allowed per lot
  • No person shall keep any rooster or slaughter any chickens
  • Chickens may only be allowed in R-1 zoning districts
  • No chickens may be kept without an approved enclosure that meets the standards of the zoning ordinance
  • The enclosure provides a minimum of 5 square feet per chicken and a minimum height of four feet
  • The enclosure shall be located inside a fenced area that provides a minimum 10 square feet per chicken, excluding the square footage of the enclosure. The fence shall have a minimum height of 6 feet
  • The enclosure shall not be located closure than 25' to any principal structure on an adjacent lot
  • No chickens shall be allowed to run at large
  • No wire mesh (chicken wire) shall be allowed as a material for fencing around the enclosure

Rates and Fees (Ordinance 16.08)

  • An annual chicken license shall be obtained by the property owner which is $25
  • Late fee for renewing each license is $10. April 1 late fee begins
  • A permit is required by the City of Norwalk before the erection, construction, alteration, placing or locating of any fence or accessory structures. Fence and accessory structure permits are $30 each (one-time fee)