What Not to Flush

What Not to Flush
Posted on 03/18/2020

As advised by the CDC, residents seem to be performing more cleaning of their living areas to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Good job Norwalk!  We want to remind residents that sanitary sewer systems are designed to handle three things: used water, human body waste, and small amounts of toilet paper.

Please DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING ELSE! This includes wipes that indicate they are flushable. Wipes, along with paper towels, napkins, dryer sheets, feminine hygiene products, diapers, socks, and coffee filters, clog the sanitary sewer pipes and lift stations. This leads to problems in your homes and businesses. If you are unfortunate enough to run out of toilet paper and use an alternate product, that should be placed in the trash - not flushed.  

Thanks and continue to stay safe!


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